Children’s Competition

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group for South Woodham Ferrers would like to involve the children of South Woodham Ferrers in the Neighbourhood Plan process and have recently done so with Woodville Primary School and Trinity St Mary’s. As part of this involvement we are holding a competition for children of primary school age. A winner and runner up of each age will be selected and receive a certificate from the Town Mayor.

Infants: To design their dream house on a single side of A4 white paper using whatever medium they wish. The child’s full name, age and school must be clearly shown on the reverse.

Juniors: To design a poster to advertise the Neighbourhood Plan to the local residents and what it can and can’t do. The child’s full name, age and school must be clearly shown on the reverse.

So, what is a Neighbourhood Plan?

It is a planning document that will shape the future of South Woodham Ferrers until 2036. Planning is like a hierarchy similar to that in school; National Planning Policy Framework is like your Headteacher, Chelmsford City Local Plan is like your Teachers and the Neighbourhood Plan is like your Teaching Assistants. As the Neighbourhood Plan, we can’t tell Chelmsford or the National Planning Policy Framework what to do or what to change. Just like in school, your Teachers or Teaching Assistants can’t tell your Headteacher what to do.

We have a 22 adult volunteers and a Co-ordinator working on producing the Neighbourhood Plan.

The Neighbourhood Plan will be divided up into 7 sectors which all cover different aspects of the Plan.

Built Environment covers housing, green living plan, private residential parking and urban design.

Community Facilities covers education, health facilities, youth facilities, community buildings,   garden of remembrance, village hall, emergency services and religion

Transport and Access covers rail, bus, cycle paths, footpaths, car parking, roads, bridges and   tunnels.

Natural Environment covers air pollution, water and land contamination, trees, biodiversity and flooding.

Infrastructure covers electricity, water sewerage, broadband, phone and gas.

Open Spaces and Leisure covers parks, sports facilities, country parks, allotments, community orchard and the riverside.

Business and Retail covers shops, offices, town centre and industrial estates.

 Entries must be received by 4:30pm on Tuesday 11th July 2017 at Champions Manor Hall Town Council Office on the first floor.